The Most Popular Watches Series of CASIO

A doctor in the entertainment and fashion industry has a certain degree of research on watches australia and is also a watch enthusiast. During the period, he said,’ There are two different people who like CASIO and G-SHOCK!’ Let me talk about G-SHOCK first, why is it so hit?

The Most Famous Series of CASIO

Mentioning of casio g shock, does anyone know? Just a small amount of people. Is there any watch series that can sell over 100 million pieces? Yes, CASIO G-SHOCK. No other electronic watch can be as eye-catching as G-SHOCK. Basically, everyone who plays CASIO will choose G-SHOCK or eventually.
Some people say that G-SHOCK is the essence of CASIO watches. It is not an exaggeration. Why is it so popular?
CASIO is famous for its shock resistance. When it comes to the most durable watches, CASIO G-SHOCK is the first impression of most people. The quality of CASIO G-SHOCK is quite durable, to what extent? My friend bought a piece of G-SHOCK and fell off the cliff. There was nothing wrong with it, but the person died. Is G-SHOCK immortal?
G-SHOCK G is the first letter of gravity, which stands for gravity. SHOCK means shock and impact, and it means shock in medicine. The biggest feature of G-SHOCK has been fully reflected in the name: anti-shock, anti-shock, is a shockproof watch.

Born History of CASIO G-SHOCK Series

It is said that in 1981, the 28-year-old CASIO R&D staff broke the watch his dad gave during the college entrance examination and determined to develop the shock-proof function of the watch.

Became Famous Due To An Advertisement

CASIO G-SHOCK’s road to fame is not easy. In Japan at that time, thin watches with beautiful appearance were popular, but the heavy and rugged G-SHOCK was actually not popular. What changed the fate of G-SHOCK was an advertisement in the United States.
In the advertisement, the ice hockey player replaced the ice hockey with G-SHOCK, and after such a hard hit, G-SHOCK still functioned normally. It feels like now that RM lets Rafael Nadal wear a watch to play tennis, but the price of RM ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, unlike G-SHOCK at a price close to the people!

Budget-friendly Price

Price is also one of the important factors that make CASIO G-SHOCK popular. As a Japanese brand G-SHOCK is not as cold as a Swiss brand in terms of price, Swiss watches are not much cheaper even if they are quartz watches.
But almost everyone can afford G-SHOCK, whether you are a poor student or a petty white-collar worker, there is always something you can afford. For ordinary consumers, thousands of watches worth nearly 10,000 yuan are already very attractive, and CASIO G-SHOCK is so cheap that it is naturally popular.

Celebrity Trend

There are also blessings of traffic stars and fashion trend culture. The universal image of G-SHOCK is reflected in the wearing of various stars, which can be easily held by men, women and children. It can participate in daily life, can participate in film and television performances, and go camping and adventure in the wild. There are countless stars who wear it in the music industry, film and television circles, fashion circles, and practical schools.

It can be said that G-SHOCK is the Rolex of electronic watches. G-SHOCK is a special series that cannot be ignored in CASIO, and it almost supports the entire CASIO. You don’t necessarily know CASIO, but you know G-SHOCK.

Introduction of CASIO

The CASIO brand comes from Japan and is a brand that produces electronic instruments, electronic calculators and watches. CASIO products are very well-known in any field, although they are not the top-notch products in their class. However, it enjoys popular support for its simple operation, convenient and practical, cheap and durable. As a fashionable, beautiful, high-quality, powerful, and affordable product, CASIO watches are deeply recognized and trusted by young users. After years of development, CASIO watches have a large number of products, and it is not easy to recognize them all.
There are two major categories of CASIO watches, one is the sports and leisure image of the word jump watch; the other is the young and fashionable pointer watch. The jump word watch includes G-SHOCK, and the pointer watch is CASIO’s quartz watch, radio wave watch and other various series.

There are about 6 brand series in total:
G-SHOCK creates a watch that will never break;
EDIFICE has an innovative men’s watch with metal hands;
BABY-G women’s watch brand follows the tough and tough spirit of G-SHOCK;
SHEEN female metal pointer watch;
The name of OCEANUS sea god is derived from the sea god in Greek mythology, radio wave solar watch;
PROTREK senses nature as a professional mountaineering equipment brand concept.

However, among the above-mentioned brand series, the most well-known is G-SHOCK, followed by Poseidon. Although there was CASIO before G-SHOCK, without G-SHOCK there would be no CASIO today. Over the years, the development of CASIO is getting better and better. While continuing its traditional style, CASIO has also designed many types of watches. People who like CASIO generally appreciate CASIO’s practicality and price. Whether it is sports enthusiasts, energetic office workers, cute girls, serious business styles, and immature students, they can all find their favourite style.

Among them, those who like G-SHOCK wear the trend, which is a young attitude to life. When he bought Rolex and Vacheron Constantin, he still likes to wear G-SHOCK, but there is a 90% chance that he will not buy another