The Revolution of the Hungarian Jazz Pianist-Laszlo Gadony

The Hungarian pianist Laszlo Gardony likes to implement his requirements for jazz piano. And he prefers to write new real tracks. But at the moment he is fully adapted to the meeting of innovative work. His performance creates a context in which songs can be designed and executed immediately. When Gardony marched, this was his plan. 


Performed at Berkeley

As part of the Berkeley University Orbital Music Festival. His output is scheduled for de facto release at Sunnyside Records on October 25, 2019. “While performing, what you have to realize is the moment.” Gardony talked about the concept of participating in the piano in front of the audience. “Your performance must sound lively and interesting, which requires careful analysis of real-time information. This is what makes jazz stand out from another style: real mastery of intuitive seconds.”


3rd Solo Piano Album – La Marseillaise

La Marseillaise is Gardony’s third solo piano album for seven years. In the 30 years of his career, all thinking about productivity has been a bigger consideration. The record he recorded has no accompaniment. He believes this is the conversion standard Sunnyside made its debut in 1993. Why has the focus shifted? “I don’t understand.” Gadony admitted. However, when I gamble alone, I determine the possibilities of strength, arrangement and resonance. This is actually a private statement. What I did at that time seemed natural to me, and comfortable cognition created music. “


Keys Fest Music Concert at Berleley

There is no doubt that the keyboard feast was held in Berkeley. Since 1987, Gardony has been teaching jazz piano at Berkeley. This is his annual birthday celebration installed as a standalone device. He participates every year. The freedom provided by the solo performance has benefited him a lot. Otherwise, you must participate in a live performance. He will play in a trio or larger ensemble environment. Gardony (Gardony) won Berkeley (Berkeley) in the corridor of David’s good friend recital, and he will play a set of songs for free. However, please buy

“Los Angeles Marseillaise” (Los Angeles Marseillaise) outlet store, you have nothing.
“As an improviser, once you plan to hold a concert, you will pay attention to opportunities countless times.” Gardoni said, “It’s not time for you to put on the list and say,’Wherever it is, I will Go ahead and improvise and take me.” As you play each small segment, it will guide you to choose the next content you need. This stimulates the performance because the song flows in the second one. However, it can also ensure that you create a story. It takes about 5 minutes to play a song, and the storyline can be extended to ensure a complete performance. “

Therefore, the story of Marseillaise is every joyful story. On the day of the live performance, Gardony became optimistic. When he played, he felt thoughts surging in his heart. Because of performance improvement. The reference to the target audience became stronger and stronger, resulting in a way of improving the song. Today’s entertainment is not introduction, but oral communication.



Gardony’s choice itself does not always mean happiness. The live performance and the dark color of the “revolution” at the beginning of the album, this is a complex version of the album on the French national anthem. That is obvious. The pianist said: “This is a severe road, about to endure tyranny, and oppose various violations of human rights.” Confirm the political message of the work. “There have been many people in history who are complacent about their freedom. They must have lost it. I think it is worth remembering and reminding myself in the least cases.”

On its floor, 19th-century Neapolitans like the “o sole mio” song could not be a bigger problem exchange. But its lifestyle brings a romantic future experience. No matter how the external environment expands, you will be satisfied. Excerpted from patriotism and brotherhood in the “revolution”. The pianist is also playing himself.


Given 4 Notes

The logo of the album’s first impromptu “given 4 notes” is the original meaning. Gardoni asked the audience to make four notes. From the main theme of these notes (to make the music flourish), he weaves a seductive minor tapestry. He is full of tension and momentum, but also full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. This brilliance and class developed from the sequence of four selected notes. This may be a sign of the artist’s originality and wit.



Erroll Garner’s “Misty” even amazed Gardony. He believes that the song he would sing that day did not appear on the album. In other words, he likes this song and has been performing it for many years. “I improvised the “four given notes” during the whole process. I believe that this lovely old-fashioned general who adopts the current method will be a good choice for the next step, and hopes are realized there,” he said. “This is something you can’t plan: it will bring the ideal experience in the second second.”


Quiet Now

Denny Zeitlin’s fascinated early work “Quiet Now” received a rather intensive remedy from Gardony. This belies the emotion of the title. Energetic performance. However, it was full of first-class emotions (transferred piano players once sang). The sense of communication between the artist and the target audience is obvious. And it also includes the listener of the recording.


Live improvisation

It’s like “gave 4 notes.” Gardony’s improvisation is different. The term “on the spot” began to develop rapidly. However, this is not the concept of the target market. This is the pianist’s creativity. It is based on the depth and depth of Beethoven’s sonata, showing an incredible performance. “That is definitely the beautiful electricity you got from music. There is no premeditated yet,” Gardoni said.

Gardony first wrote “Mockingbird” and later he became a 22-year-old antique. The time beyond it is beyond the scope of fab convergence. It matures as the creator develops. The present incarnation is a kind of contemplation, each gentle and accompanied. What is certain is that there is no footsteps or swaying now. “I pay attention to it now,” he said. “For you, it is almost an indescribable atmosphere. Come after you cultivate mindfulness.”


As its logo shows, “Bourbon Avenue Boogie” full of New Orleans flavor. This is a tribute to James Booker’s Long-haired Professor. Therefore, Gardony likes an alternative rhythm and blues pianist with great cleanliness. “I have played with the band and recorded records. But in fact, I like solo, because I am very happy to be the representative of this single band.” He said. It is not the blues that remains, but the feeling of blues that drips from the speakers.