UVC disinfection, LED or HID?

UVC disinfection is not a new concept, which has been existing for a long time. But it’s quite hot, and attracted much more attention this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also why floods of uvc led sterilization entered into the market this year, especially the LED ones.

· it should be pointed out that few factories really pay attention to the disinfection effect and huan safety as BlueVison does, it’s also why the prices always vary a lot among different suppliers……

It’s ok to adopt LED UVC-C light source for disinfection purpose for a residential or auxiliatry lighting applications like wardrobe, bookcase, cupboard and so on. But for commericla or industrial applications, generally speakingt, LED UVC light source is the wrong choice at this stage. Because the effective radiant illumination for sterilization from LED UVC light source is too weak even if upon times higher costs than normal. It’s why traditional UVC HID tube light is still the majority for commercial applications.

Fixture design is not too complicated, the key points are: easy installation / convenient handling, safety control, easy maintenance and quality UVC HID tube adopted as well the compliance certification.