Explore The Possibilities of Family Space

For ACE, to explore the possibility of family space, it is inevitable that life and documentary, two key words, are created and presented in space.

Here, there are luxurious sunshine, clean green woods, blue waves, white sand beaches… And all the beauty and good leisurely and unrestrained in time. But ACE does not follow the usual pattern of designing holiday homes; Instead, starting from the living conditions and the family itself, the space is naturally distributed and comfortable. Meanwhile, the meaning of “home” is properly placed, so that the whole space becomes the emotional connection of this family of five with three boys.

In this project, ACE not only polished a container for family relations, but also created and exported more possibilities for children’s documentaries. All is the natural place, like the morning sun and plants, such as night wind gently swing, this is the purpose of residential design. Based on the creation of a comfortable and free family space, the design simplifies the spatial structure, and the overall space presents an open state without obvious boundaries.

The indoor and outdoor transparent pattern fully introduces sunlight and green plants into the interior design, extends the indoor line of sight, and realizes the intercommunication and integration of living space and natural space. In order to let nature settle in, become one of the main body of the space, whole interior USES plain color to give bottom, foil gives concise, plain inside story, the primitive wood color of white and large area and natural element set off mutually, pure and fresh more than a few slack feeling. And the coordination of blue gray and dark gray, make the neuter that gives a space and balance, let whole space appear a sunshine, contracted, faint take the power sense of the boy and tong Zhen is lovely. Here, green plants and light move back and forth in the space, quietly sitting in the corridor, listen to a light song, you can feel the energy belonging to this space in the flow.

The negative one, the first one and the third all have dedicated Shared activity areas, which are used in different time periods and situations. The family activity room on the negative floor is a growing space for three children. Soft fabrics are used for display, which not only creates a friendly and comfortable environment for children, but also meets the needs of the children to feel, touch and try the monitor. Animal images and art installations enter every corner of life. On the one hand, they dispel the scarcity and lack of light in daily life; on the other hand, they make innocence and freedom become the background color of children’s growth, guide children to understand and get close to nature, and make it a part of nature education. In terms of space design, ACE has cleverly implanted the perception of nature, narrowed the distance between life and nature, stimulated the passion for life deep in the subconscious, and felt the power of nature and growth together with children.

For home space, the stacking of artworks is invalid. What we need to do is to give proper artistic expression instead of creating more visible objects. Therefore, the choice of artworks is more about inclusive artistic expression. They are not intended to limit one kind of artistic appreciation, but to integrate into life and a state, and generate more artistic edification and monitoring in this space.

On the other hand, the combination of natural landscape and humanities and art is always full of surprises. They talk to each other, create rich and full space content, and create a more harmonious picture of everything connected intellectually and spiritually. This is not only an expression of a better living state, but also the most powerful guarantee for a documentary.

Late wind breeze, the sun goes down to the west, in every ordinary day perusing life taste. When the light slowed down, architecture, art, man and nature were the perfect portrayal of life here!