How to Choose Wallpaper

You can use prepasted wallpaper to create optical illusions in your home and have the effects that you want. For instance, if you have low ceilings, you can choose wallpapers with intense colors at the bottom and are white or neutral at the top to make your walls seem higher. You can also use wallpapers with stripes to achieve the same effect.

Get the Actual Size of the Wallpaper Appied Room

If you are buying wallpaper on a budget, you should have a plan and take measurements. Remember that good quality korean wallpaper can be pretty expensive, and you may not want to buy more than necessary. This is especially true if your wallpaper style has to match certain points on a pattern.

Anyway, you should begin by measuring the room in which you plan to apply your wallpaper. You can make a map of the room and include details, such as its length, height, and width. See to it that your scale is in relative proportion to the actual size of your room.

Do not forget to include openings, such as doors and windows that do not need to be wallpapered. Then, you have to measure the spaces between these openings. For instance, you can measure the width of the wall from a corner to a window edge. Likewise, you can measure the width from your closet door to a window.

Estimate the Wallpaper Need

When you are ready, you should calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need. You can use an online calculator or bring your measurements to the store and ask the clerk to calculate for you. It is important that you know exactly how many rolls of wallpaper you need.

Typically, wallpaper is measured and priced in single rolls but is usually manufactured and sold in triple or double rolls. Do not forget to check the width of your wallpaper. European wallpaper is 20 ½ inches wide and has about fifty-six square feet of wallpaper on every roll.

On the other hand, American double wallpaper rolls are 27 inches wide and have approximately seventy square feet of wallpaper on every roll.

Confirm Price & After Sales Services Before Purchasing

When you estimate the price, make sure that you ask the clerk if they list their prices as single or double rolls. Surely, you do not want to buy wallpaper and bring it back when you discover that it costs double than you expected.

You must also ask the clerk if the wallpaper they sell is either straight match or drop match. A straight match can be aligned with at any point of another wallpaper of the same print or pattern.

A drop match needs to be matched up at certain points, and using it can cause you to have leftovers or unused pieces.

See to it that you only buy from a retailer with a good return policy, so you can return any unopened or unused rolls. If possible, you should buy one to two extra rolls to ensure that you have sufficient supply. When you are done, you can return the rolls that you did not use.

Finally, make sure that you check the dye lot number on the wallpaper. This number has to match or else the coloring can be a bit different. You should refrain from opening any rolls until you have inspected them all.