No Rifle Is Provided For The Financial Escort

The annual college entrance examination has already started. I wonder if you have noticed that the weapons used by the person escorting the college entrance examination papers and the money transporters are different. Why? The college entrance examination is an important turning point in life for high school students. In the country, the college entrance examination is also related to the selection of talents, so the country also attaches great importance to this matter.

It is not difficult to find that there will be special armed police when transporting the college entrance examination papers. More careful friends will also find that the person escorting the college entrance examination papers and the money transporter carry guns with them, but the two guns are different. The armed police use rifles. The escort used a shotgun, so why is this?

Why Do The Escorts Of Our Banks Use Shotguns?

Anyone with common military knowledge will know that shotguns have a big difference in penetration and lethality compared with rifles, so if you have a rifle, you definitely don’t want shotguns, but in our country, bank escorts use them. It’s a shotgun. First of all, an important reason is that the amount of money they escorted twice a day is not large, and the probability of robbery during the escort is extremely small. In addition, they are not as professional as the armed police. They are just secure delivery service outsourced by banks. If you use rifles, it is easy to cause irreparable accidents in places with a large flow of people because of unskilled operations or improper timing.

Taking into account that the cash transporters have not received formal training, and the escort vehicles will pass through crowded places every day, even in the event of accidents, they must try to avoid harm to the surrounding people, so they are specially equipped with shotguns. The shotgun has a relatively short range, which is very suitable for close-range strikes, and has a high accuracy rate, which can effectively reduce the adverse impact on surrounding people.

The College Entrance Examination Paper Must Be Escorted With A Rifle
The examination papers of the college entrance examination must not be leaked. Any leak of the content of the examination papers in any place will have a major impact on the life trajectory of all senior middle school students across the country. Therefore, the state attaches great importance to the escort of the examination papers, and there must be no small omissions. The firearms equipped by the armed police are basically rifles.

Compared with the shotgun, the rifle has a longer range and stronger penetration. The route for escorting the college entrance examination papers is planned in advance and will avoid passing through the streets with heavy traffic. In this environment, the use of rifles is more appropriate.

Which Is More Important, Money Or College Exam Papers?

The college entrance examination is extremely important for individuals, families, and the entire country. From the arrangement of escorts and guns, we can clearly see that the country values talents. Therefore, compared with the money on the cash transport vehicle, the college entrance examination paper is more important.